Novasoft Business Services is committed to your success, and that's why we selected Jeeves ERP to provide you with one of the most unique, scalable and very affordable enterprise resource planning (ERP) system on the market. If you are looking for a one-stop solution that combines next-generation software, fast customer service, competent training and support, you've come to the right place.

We've implemented Jeeves ERP software for clients in Europe, Canada and the US and in variety of industry sectors. Whether you are in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, distribution or are just launching your business, Jeeves ERP will grow with you and will become your ultimate business partner.

We are very passionate about this product. As a reliable service provider, Novasoft has completed all levels of Jeeves ERP certification and keeps current on any changes, upgrades or modifications. We provide all the training to easily self-modify Jeeves ERP, or Novasoft can implement, customize and maintain the system for you. Call or email us and we'll be happy to tell you more about Novasoft and Jeeves.

Our Services

Implementation Services

Jeeves ERP system is designed to adapt to many different industries.

Novasoft has implemented Jeeves for the injection molding, plastic pipe, serum, vitamin supplement, professional hand tool, store fixture, office furniture, chemical, organic dairy, construction equipment rental and hotel management sectors.

We take care of every aspect of the implementation process, including:

  • Project management
  • Requirements analysis
  • Systems configuration
  • Data migration
  • Validation and proof of concept
  • User training and post-launch monitoring

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Development Services

We work collaboratively with companies to solve their most complex process issues.

Jeeves ERP modification toolset allows us to customize the system to match your unique business. Even a small change will help you be more productive and efficient in your everyday tasks. We have made dramatic process improvements for clients through simple Jeeves macros, Crystal reports and user interface customizations.

We can also integrate almost any third-party solution: e-commerce, production monitoring and reporting, warehouse management, management information systems and more.

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Training and Support

Novasoft provides training for all Jeeves ERP modules and all type of users.

We are available to deliver training for your new or existing users, technical training for your IT staff and advanced development training for Jeeves solution partners. After training, you will be able to modify forms, add new fields or tabs and create dynamic ad-hoc reports and statistics.

Our team is available for remote troubleshooting and on-site support within business hours. If you need support outside of regular business hours, project team leader cell phone numbers are available.

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Jeeves ERP

There are many ERP packages on the market, but standard installation rarely fits customer specific-workflows. New system implementation can force you to adapt or replace your business practices with standardized processes. You could hire developers to customize your ERP but that means higher costs, longer timelines and risks to future upgrades.

At first glance, Jeeves ERP system may look like a conventional ERP for small to mid-market manufacturing or distribution companies, but look again! There is something truly ingenious about Jeeves ERP architecture: it was designed with flexibility in mind from the very beginning.

Predefined user roles can be adapted to each client's needs using multiple intuitive, quick and user friendly tools. All changes, add-ons and new applications are saved in a separate "Jeeves site repository" database. This allows for easy and fast upgrades without re-building existing customizations.

Jeeves ERP flexibility simplifies development and maintenance, and enables you to make it "uniquely yours". Taking charge of your process design will lower your costs and give you the freedom to quickly adapt and take advantage of increased business opportunities.

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  • I've had the pleasure of working with Jaroslav Lopejsky, founder of Novasoft, in a vendor/client relationship for the past 5 years.  He is extremely detail oriented, with high level problem solving and technical skills.  Always quick to respond and provide us with the solution that best fits our needs. 

    Andrea McGrorty-ReamVRP Manufacturing, LLC

  • NovaSoft has been providing QBC Systems with Consulting & Support services for the past 2 years.  It's nice having a dependable partner there when you need them.

    Patrick J. McGovern, JrQBC Systems, Inc.

  • I've had the privileged opportunity to work with Novasoft for a few years now. Their immense knowledge and experience in the myriad of programs in Jeeves has been valuable to our implementation and the post-implementation period. Their timely follow-ups and support have given us the reliability we required to maintain Jeeves and their willingness to go above and beyond to transfer knowledge to us is exceptional.

    Yvonne ChengAccent-Fairchild Group Inc.

  • The ERPPRO Group has worked with NovaSoft for years and has always enjoyed their expertise and deep knowledge about Jeeves ERP.

    Roger JonssonThe ERPPRO Group LLC

  • SCOUT CONSULT GmbH has relied on Novasoft's fast services to help with different tasks, for example master data migration to Jeeves ERP, general support, system configuration and development. Novasoft has proven to be knowledgeable, technically competent and flexible partner.

    Georg BrassSCOUT CONSULT GmbH

  • Working with Novasoft has been a very positive experience for our company. They have an incredible knowledge of Jeeves and the patience and understanding to implement our very specific needs. They have helped us immensely throughout the transition and customization process and still provide us with valuable support.

    Julie MajkaNiagara Specialty Metals Inc

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